Post Concussion and Vestibular Therapy

Concussions and vestibular issues can be very detrimental to your every day life. It can limit you on your abilities to complete tasks at work, school, and even limit your physical abilities. Our Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers have experience working with these conditions whether it be from sport injuries, car accidents, or even vertigo that randomly started up. They will evaluate what is going on with your condition, figure out what causes your symptoms and then start treatment to help get you on your way back to normal life.

A lot of times concussions and vestibular issues come with headaches. Headaches can be draining and cause you to want to do nothing but keep your eyes closed and stay in bed. To help with headaches, there are certain manual techniques that are out there, but some are more beneficial and quick to give relief. One of them is “dry needling.” Our Physical Therapist is certified in this technique and has been using it for years. It involves no medication and uses a thin acupuncture like needle. (For more info look at dry needling service page) This technique really escalates the process of relieving headaches and pairs really well with soft tissue massage, joint mobilizations, and then corrective exercises.

Dizziness/vertigo can also be a road block for concussion and vestibular issues. This symptom can be caused by being in certain positions, performing certain movements, feeling lightheaded at times, and many other reasons. Whatever the symptom and cause is, our staff will evaluate the situation and then perform any manual treatment and functional movements with you to help you accommodate  and eventually put that dizziness in the past. Our Athletic Trainers have a lot of experience in this aspect of rehabilitation and are eager to get you moving well again.