A Titleist Certified Medical Professional at our Fusion clinic will perform a golf specific movement screen along with a video analysis of your golf swing. In follow up visits, the Titleist Certified Medical Professional will go over their analysis of your golf swing and movement screen. This will help pick apart what could be causing faulty swing mechanics that are producing your pain or inconsistency. This is called the Titleist Body-Swing Connection. Having a trained eye watch your body mechanics during the swing is key because of all the moving parts involved with it. The Physical Therapist can pick out which parts need work and the video analysis along with it will allow you to see what the Physical Therapist is seeing. The video analysis will be a great tool to evaluate progress and also help with continued cueing to lock down a new movement pattern. With golf, it is important to be mobile in certain parts of the body but also having proper stability in others. Throughout all of this, you will be working on specific mobility and stability exercises to help you perform better on the scorecard all while having decreased pain. This is what keeps you injury free and also provides more consistency in your game.