Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is extremely important and we are very proud to have this type of rehabilitation at our Fusion clinic in Woodbridge. We have a Physical Therapist who has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and an extensive background in Cardiac Rehabilitation. Our Physical Therapist will monitor heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation levels, and even use telemetry with our EKG that corresponds with our computers. The ability to have all of these monitored at once can only be matched if you were in the hospital. This is a rare treatment set up that Fusion offers, that only a select few clinics can say they have. 

Having telemetry hooked up and getting your heart rate and blood pressure monitored while you exercise is so important. This allows you to get a feel of how your perceived exertion rate compares to what your heart rate and blood pressure is. This lets you work at a comfortable pace knowing you are in a safe range to exercise. This encourages motivation to push yourself to that higher end of the spectrum and allows the whole cardiac system to heal faster and more effectively. The goal is to teach you how to know your limits and monitor yourself while exercising, that way you can exercise at home or at the gym in order to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Our therapists are here to serve you and help you achieve YOUR goals.