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Fusion Physical Therapy

Fusion Physical Therapy and Cardiac Rehabilitation is unique in that we have Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers who specialize in different treatment techniques that are hard to find in the outpatient physical therapy world. Physical Therapy treatments include dry needling, post-concussion, and vestibular rehabilitation, cardiac rehabilitation, orthopedics, post-op, and golf performance through Titleist Certifications. During each appointment, patients will see a Physical Therapist for the evaluation and all manual therapy techniques, then see an Athletic Trainer who will help with strengthening, mobility exercises, and functional movements geared towards your goals.

Fusion Physical Therapy is excited to introduce our Virginia Golf & Sports Performance Center

Fusion Physical Therapy also has a sports performance center that we transition our patients to once they are finishing up with physical therapy.

Our Fusion team will then take you through sports performance training to return back to sport, or personal training to keep you active, healthy, and pain-free.

Sports Orthopedic Physical Therapy/Post op

We work with local high schools, collegiate athletes, and professional athletes. We have experience with multiple sports and work with you to achieve your return to play. We’ll evaluate, diagnose, and treat the injury with manual therapy techniques and functional exercise to restore proper movement patterns and get you back to the performance level you want to be at.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

We offer a 30 visit monitored phase II cardiac rehabilitation program. Patients exercise in our clinic while staff monitor their response to exercise. All patients are monitored by telemetry for the duration of their individual program. This creates a safe way to exercise and adds the ability to challenge yourself without having to worry about over doing it.This is a great way to get you back to a normal lifestyle.

Post Concussion and Vestibular Therapy

We have Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers who treat concussions and other vestibular issues. We specialize in return to school, work, and competition by working on specific challenges these conditions present.We evaluate and treat the conditions that are holding you back from normal activities whether it’s participating in school, work, or sports. 

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Unique one on one treatment with Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers that includes manual therapy, dry needling, and functional exercises to work towards achieving your goals.


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